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Movie Box Talks

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Welcome to Movie Box Talks, the podcast where we review both mainstream and independent films from top tier Black filmmakers. Join us for insightful critiques, exclusive interviews with indie creators, and discussions on diversity in cinema!

Movie Box Talks
  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 1 | Meet Your Hosts

    Episode 1

    On this episode of Movie Box Talks, you’ll get to know your hosts and what to expect for our upcoming episodes surrounding film and television!

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 2 | "Love Jones" Movie Review

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Movie Box Talks, we discuss the timeless film "Love Jones" which follows the romantic journey of Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosley in Chicago. Explore the themes of love, poetry, and relationships in this iconic 1997 movie and join us as we delve into the music, dialogue, and cul...

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 3 | "They Cloned Tyrone" Movie Review

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Movie Box Talks, we unravel the mysterious and sci-fi world of "They Cloned Tyrone." Join us as we explore the thrilling tale of three friends who uncover a dark secret in their neighborhood. We tackle themes of conspiracy, friendship, and technology as we dissect the twists an...

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 4 | Poppin’ Questions | What Movie is underrated?

    Episode 4

    On this Episode the Movie Box Talk hosts play one of their segments called “Poppin’ Questions” where they pull a random question related to film and TV from a jar accumulated from questions from viewers and/or that the host have added. Press Play to see what we discuss!

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 5 | TRAILER REACTION!! | BAD BOYS: RIDE OR DIE

    Episode 5

    MBT team checks out the trailer of the 4th film, BAD BOYS: RIDE OR DIE. The movie is set to premiere on June 7th, 2024. What are your thoughts on the trailer?

  • Draper Wynston Talks His Journey Into Being an Actor, Director, & Author

    Episode 6

    On this episode of Movie Box Talks, Draper Wynston talks his journey into acting, directing, and writing books! Draper dives into how actors he used to watch on TV became good friends, the importance of training as an actor, and appreciating the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry!

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 7 | B.A.P.S. Movie Review

    Episode 7

    On this Episode of Movie Box Talks, your hosts, Rhanni Lew and Phedora discuss the classic Film B.A.P.S! Just recently this movie had a 27 year anniversary. Join in on our conversation as we discuss this classic film starring Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle!

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 8 | Girls Trip Movie Review

    Episode 8

    On this episode of Movie Box Talks, Phedora and Rhanni Lew discuss the comedy/drama “Girls Trip”(2017), starring Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Queen Latifah. Tune in as we share some rare facts and memorable moments from the film!

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 9 | What is Eddie Murphy's Greatest Movie?

    Episode 9

    On this episode of Movie Box Talks, we dive into the iconic filmography of Eddie Murphy, exploring his greatest movies. Tune in as we share rare facts, memorable moments, and discuss why Eddie Murphy remains a legend in film history!

  • 90s Black Cinema: Who Was The "It" Girl From The 90s?

    Episode 10

    On this episode of Movie Box Talks, we spotlight the iconic '90s "It" girls of Black cinema. Tune in as we discuss the trailblazers who defined an era, sharing their impactful roles, career-defining moments, and why they remain influential figures in film history!

  • Movie Box Talks Ep. 11 | "Breakin' All The Rules" Movie Review

    Episode 11

    Catch the hilarity and drama of "Breakin' All the Rules" in this episode of Movie Box Talks! We delve into this 2004 comedy featuring Jamie Foxx as Quincy Watson, who, after a painful breakup and quitting his job, accidentally becomes a best-selling author with a guide on ending relationships. Th...