Short Films

Short Films

Short Films

Short Films
  • Blue

    Anissa, a Black girl from Virginia, is set to finish her last year of undergraduate school. Anissa visualizes what her life may be like post graduation. Throughout the story, Anissa struggles with adjusting to life’s constant challenges and expectations. The pressure of not being able to clearly ...

  • Coke Boys

    Cain is one of the biggest drug dealers in South Central, supplying the streets with coke and pills and taking out anyone standing in his way. The operation becomes shaky after one of his crew members turns police informant, creating tension from within. Cain is caught between a booming drug oper...


    Chris and Rahim are bothers involved in a family criminal business. After a successful jewelry heist, the two brothers learn a chilling family secret that could potentially cause tension between them. Loyalty between family members will be tested.


    Darnell Harris experiences a series of flashbacks as he reminiscences over his girlfriend, Aya, but is also on the verge of a mental breakdown due to an eerie secret.

    Directed by: Omar Cook and Adonis Armstrong
    Starring: Omar Cook, Gentel Sharrie, Adonis Armstrong, Grady Tucker, and Josh Butler


    Marcus Williams is a successful young lawyer on the verge of becoming Junior Partner. He is career driven and selfish in his motives. After Kayla Williams, his wife of 5 years, finds out Marcus is cheating, Marcus is left to deal with his own mess, with serious consequences.

    Directed by: Omar Co...