BoomBox Weekly Podcast

BoomBox Weekly Podcast

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"Boombox Weekly" is the premier podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the entertainment and music industry, featuring exclusive interviews with top celebrities and uncovering the stories that shape their careers.

BoomBox Weekly Podcast
  • Noah Oluyide Talks Producing Events In Hollywood & Being An Entrepreneur

    Episode 1

    Noah Oluyide discusses producing for major award shows and events in Hollywood, designing his clothing line, and journeying from Nigeria to Hollywood in this week’s episode of BoomBox Weekly!

  • Artist Dexter Kelly Talks His Music Journey and His Purpose Behind the Music

    Episode 2

    Dexter Kelly discusses his journey into music and acting, transitioning from sports to entertainment, and using his platform to be a light to the music industry 'in this episode of BoomBox Weekly.

  • Brandon Lee Ward Talks His Acting Journey in Entertainment

    Episode 3

    Director, producer, and actor, Brandon Lee Ward talks navigating his career in Hollywood and encouraging others to create their own projects in this episode of BoomBox Weekly.

  • Speed Walton Talks Being Authentic As A Musician

    Episode 4

    Musician & Songwriter Speed Walton talks being authentic as a musician, the current state of the music industry, and navigating his music career in this episode of BoomBox Weekly!

  • Actor Furly Mac Discusses His Journey

    Episode 5

    Actor Furly Mac talks booking roles on "Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" and "The United States Vs. Billie Holiday", journeying from comedy to acting, and using his platform to promote positivity in the Black community on this episode of BoomBox Weekly!

  • Actress Iyesha Damali Talks Starring in Movies 'Caged' & 'LA Undercover 2'

    Episode 6

    Actress Iyesha Damali talks starring in the movies 'Caged' and 'LA Undercover 2', navigating the modeling industry, and inspiring others through entertainment on this episode of BoomBox Weekly!

  • Actor Brandon Paul Johnson Talks Starring on 'LA Undercover 2'

    Episode 7

    Actor Brandon Paul Johnson talks starring on 'LA Undercover 2', what sparked him getting into entertainment giving back to his community through his non profit on this episode of BoomBox Weekly!